How To

Below you will find everything you need to know about voting for EveryJoe's Hottest Webcam Girl of the Year.

How to Participate

It's easy to begin voting for your favorite webcam girl! First, you must be logged into your EveryJoe account. If you are not an EveryJoe community member, you will be prompted to register or login with Facebook. (Please note that creating multiple accounts will result in all of your accounts being banned and all votes negated.)

To get started, fill out your bracket here to keep track of all your predictions. Keep in mind that filling out your prediction bracket does NOT automatically cast your votes, so you'll have to come back and vote in each round.

You have until Friday, March 21st at 11:59am to get your predictions in!


To vote for your favorite webcam girls, start from the Official Bracket voting page. Click the "Vote Now" button in the middle of the page or simply click on any of the match-ups. A pop-out frame will then be displayed to make voting easier. "Click to vote" for the webcam girl you think is the hottest in that match-up and then click the arrow button to go to the next match-up. Once you have gone through all of the match-ups in the current round, the page will automatically save. Each round lasts one week.

The first round of voting begins on Friday, March 21st at noon.

Round Schedule

Below is a schedule for each round, with all rounds starting at approximately 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Make sure to come back to cast your vote for each round.

We'll be announcing the webcam girls that move on to the next round every Friday and you'll get the chance to vote in the new match-ups. May the hottest chick win!

  • March 17th - 12:00 pm ET - Start filling out your prediction brackets!
  • March 21st - 11:59 am ET - End of the bracket prediction period.
  • March 21st - 12:00 pm ET - Voting begins for the first round begins
  • March 28th - 11:59 am ET - Voting ends for the first round
  • March 28th - 12:00 pm ET - The 8 winners announced. Voting begins for the next 4 matchups.
  • April 4th - 11:59 am ET - Voting ends for the second round
  • April 4th - 12:00 pm ET - The 4 winners announced. Voting begins for the next 2 matchups.
  • April 11th - 11:59 am ET - Voting ends for the third round
  • April 11th - 12:00 pm ET - The 2 winners announced. Voting begins for the final matchup
  • April 18th - 11:59 am ET - Voting ends for the final matchup
  • April 18th - 12:00 pm ET - The Hottest Webcam Girl of the Year for 2014 will be announced!