Hottest Webcam Girl of the Year

Who's the hottest webcam girl on the internet? We are about to find out!

EveryJoe is pleased to announce our inaugural tournament to determine the Hottest Webcam Girl of the Year.

The 16 hottest webcam girls chosen by our editorial staff will go head-to-head in four rounds of competition.

You can begin entering your predictions now!

The first round will begin voting on March 21st, and every week you'll get a chance to vote for more hotties as we whittle the competition down to just two webcam girls who will compete in the final round.

For those of you unfamiliar with bracket tournaments, the ladies will be matched up against one another for one week of voting. Feel free to use your social pull on Twitter or Facebook to get votes for your favorite girl and make sure she advances to the next round.

The webcam girl who gets the most votes from the community will be declared the winner of that round, and then she will be matched up against the winner of another head-to-head match-up. With 16 competitors, there will only be four rounds before the winner of EveryJoe's Hottest Webcam Girl of the Year will be declared.

For a detailed description of how the Hottest Webcam Girl bracket will work, click on our How-To page.

Click here to see the 16 webcam girls who will battle it out to be crowned champion!